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How To Buy A Diamond thr righr way and with no mistakes
Want to understand how to buy diamonds? what are the right priorities for you? what is the 4CS? Read about The 4 CS of Diamonds

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Hello and welcome, How to buy a diamond the right way? I believe that shopping for a diamond once understanding the basics can be a simple process. The main aims of How to buy a diamond website are:

Diamonds Education – providing you with knowledge regarding: the 4 C’s of diamonds, diamond shapes and other useful information about diamonds.
Diamonds Budgeting – Assisting you setting the right budget so you can find the right diamond.
4 C’s priority order – Once knowing your budget, deciding which one of the 4 C’s is important for you in a following order.
Recommending – Diamonds in different categories (size, price etc’) will be recommended here.
Assisting – You are welcome to email a question or post one in the forum and we will do our best to assist.
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A diamond contains internal and external characteristics that are called inclusions and blemishes. These two are determining the grading clarity of a diamond. Clarity refers to one of the four C’s in diamond grading system which includes carat, color, and cut.

The Diamond Clarity describes a diamond in terms of the absence or presence of flaws inside and outside of its surface. Those diamonds with perfect clarity are very rare and skilled grader uses a magnifying loupe and microscope to detect these flaws.

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