Diamond Cut: The Main Reason behind Its Sparkle

REDiamond Cut: The Main Reason behind Its Sparkle
Have you ever wondered what makes a diamond shine? It is really not the shape, the weight, nor the color of the diamond. It is the cut! A well cut diamond makes a great construction of prism and layers of facets that enable this precious stone to reflect back the light it receives to appear as if it owns it. It produces sparkles and gleams of white and colored lines as the light hits its surface, and before you know it, it captures your heart. That’s exactly how this particular gem becomes your girl’s best friend.

For many years, people were after the biggest, clearest and cleanest diamonds. Few of them actually realized that what made a diamond attractive was its shine. The shape, the clarity and the color are only what follow this quality. Then it was found that the renowned shine from a diamond could be mathematically and scientifically achieved by certain cut precisions. A diamond with the right cut proportions is able to demonstrate the most amazing sparkle you have ever seen. While the very same gem stone which is cut wrongly will display only a hint of returned light. Or worse, nothing at all.

The mechanism
Round diamonds, the most common type of diamond cut, are constructed of many facets of different sizes and shapes. These facets are placed in three big categories; namely the crown (the upper part), the pavilion (the bottom part), and the girdle (the thin middle part separating the crown and the pavilion). Each of the facets has its own ideal proportions of how big it should be cut. It also has its own ideal angle where it should be placed. When a diamond is cut and aligned properly according to these sets of ideal proportions, it will likely be a near perfect diamond. And this makes it closer to bring the brightest shine you are after.

Diamond doesn’t produce its own light. It reflects the light it receives. Normally light comes from above and enters the crown of the diamond. Some parts of this light hit the table facet (the biggest part of the crown) and directly reflect the white light back to you. Some other parts go through the diamond and strike the pavilion facets before they go back up as colored lines of light. Move and tilt the diamond a little and you will see these two types of light move and blend away gracefully. That’s how a perfectly cut diamond can perform to you. However, expect much less from diamonds with a lot of cut flaws. Disproportioned cut of a diamond may leak the incoming light to the bottoms or the sides of the diamond, giving you hardly any returned light. As the result, this diamond loses its shine.

When buying a diamond – be it as a gift to the love of your life or simply as an investment – you have to understand the basic of diamond cut. Now that you know that the cut is behind every diamond’s sparkle, you need to put it into serious account before deciding on a specific diamond to purchase. Always buy certified diamonds; ideally issued by GIA or AGS and make sure that you are paying the diamond for what it’s worth. A good research of different types of diamond cut goes a long way. Good luck!

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