Diamonds Gemological Certifications Review

Diamonds Gemological certifications GIA, AGS, EGL and IGI – reviewing the different Gemological diamonds labs

Diamonds certifications can be extremely confusing for a new diamond shopper. Weather you go to a store or shopping online you will find different certifications: GIA (Gem

When looking for a diamond today, unlike twenty years ago, most diamonds shoppers would rather to have some kind of certification with their future diamond, so they will be able to know for certain that they have bought a real and verified diamond.

I would have to say that certifications are even confusing for diamond dealers sometimes.

As I just said twenty years ago the diamond business was very different: Most of the diamonds that were sold were J color and better, SI1 Clarity and better, there wasn’t to much emphasis on the cut like today and you bought the size of diamond that you were able to, depending your budget.

Another fact to mention is that people around the world bought less diamonds then, so diamonds were cheaper and the cutters used the better quality diamonds.

But in the last ten years a few things have changed in the diamond business.

  • Diamonds are more common in new places like China and India.
  • The internet provides a lot of information.
  • There are many scammers that sold and still sell bad diamond in a higher price than they worth.

All of these facts caused the diamond business to become more professional and therefore the market called for some assistance both for sellers and shoppers.

The Gemological institutes were founded many years now, but they have gained huge popularity in the last ten years. Certifications assist a diamond shopper to understand what he is buying.

One major issue to deal with, when shopping for a diamond with a certification – Which cert (institute) to go for.

Like any other business, so does the Gemological labs, so when choosing a diamond you have to ask yourself what is the difference between them? The answer is: some are great, some are good and some are bad.

Before I will specify I will say one thing and I will explain at the end – You always pay the same price for the same product and sometimes even less if you buy from a good service provider.

The Best Labs: GIA and AGS are definitely the best one in the industry. When you choose GIA or AGS certification you know for 99% (we all do mistakes sometimes) that every certification was carefully made and examined. They analyze every aspect the diamond without any compromises.

The Good Labs: EGL has a few gemological labs around the world. EGL certifications are more compromising than GIA and AGS labs. EGL labs in the US are more accurate than those in Israel and Belgium.

The not so good Labs: EGL (Belgium and Israel), IGIHRD and few other Gemological labs that were not mentioned here, are far more compromising than both of the groups above.

It is probably a business policy do be “lighter” and “upgrading” systems with how diamonds are being analyzed.

What is an “upgrading” certifications good for?

  • For the diamond cutters and dealers it is good, since they can get a better grading for the diamonds, therefore it will be easier for them to sell the diamond.
  • For the shop owner it is better since he can sell his customer a well graded diamond for less money.
  • For the diamond shopper it is better since he believe he buys a better diamond for a less money.

I do not believe that “upgrading” diamonds is good for the business. Better knowledge and understanding will improve the business and choosing a better certification that cares about all the aspects of the diamond professionally is the right solution.

As I said before, you always pay the same. So when buying a certified diamond I advice you to choose the best certification for two reasons:

  1. You get exactly the diamond you are paying for with no compromises.
  2. It will be easier to estimate for insurance reasons.

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