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James Allen Diamonds (JamesAllen.com) Review

James Allen Diamonds has been reviewed by several leading websites as a major online diamonds seller. Their unique strength is the ability to show a true picture of a specific diamond.

Shopping for a diamond online today is simple. You don’t need to go to the store and view a very limited inventory of diamonds and rings. Online you actually have an enormous collection of loose diamonds, rings, earrings and other jewelry.

These days you can view websites that sell diamonds online; many of them are highly reputable businesses. Some of the best known names are www.JamesAllen.com, www.BlueNile.com, www.Abazias.com.

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These and many others have been in operation for many years now, they have great customer service and an excellent reputation.

However, there is one main recurring issue: The large number of returns. Many customers return the diamonds they have purchased.

A customer may return a diamond for various reasons:

  1. They do not like the look of the diamond (lack of sparkle).
  2. They claim that it is not the diamond they have purchased.
  3. The diamond has too many inclusions, or the inclusions are too visible.

Let’s consider each of these reasons:

  1. A diamond that doesn’t sparkle enough is usually one that was not selected correctly in terms of cut. Accurate selection means following a few simple guidelines such as Depth, Height, Correct Size/Weight proportions and a few others.
    Once you understand these basics and follow them, you can be sure that the diamond you choose will give you the sparkle you want.
  2. In most cases where the customer claims that he did not receive the diamond he purchased, these claims turn out to be old or false. Nowadays most of the large diamond firms will not risk their reputation by supplying a diamond that differs from the customer’s order. In the few cases when this still happens, it is usually the result of an honest mistake or a case of a dishonest vendor.
  3. The major reason for diamond returns is that the diamond appears to have more visible inclusions/flaws than the customer expected.

As an online shopper your main problem will be to visualize how your chosen diamond will look.

You can solve this problem by taking a few simple steps:
A. Educate yourself about the 4 C’s of diamonds – Clarity, Cut, Color and Carat (size).
B. Set a budget.

C. Choose a shape.

D. Set a 4 C’s priority order – doing this will help you to choose the right diamond according to your chosen shape and budget.

Once you are educated and starting to look for a diamond online: choosing SizeColor and Cut will be easier than choosing Clarity grade, especially if you are looking for diamond with a clarity grade of VS2 or lower.

This issue is solved by only one major vendor: www.JamesAllen.com. James Allen diamonds has developed a unique approach: they supply special photographing aids (gem microscope cameras) to major New York diamond dealers, in order to enable them to take an actual picture of the diamonds they offer to James Allen customers.

This method enables you to see exactly what diamonds you are buying, since some diamonds have barley visible inclusions while in others the inclusions may be more noticeable.

Your entire online diamond buying experience will be revolutionized once you can actually see the specific diamond you wish to purchase.

How can you be certain that James Allen is a truly reputable online diamonds vendor? Check out their ratings:

BBB –           A+ Score

IVouch.com        – 806 vouches.

Bizrate.com        – outstanding overall rating.

The bottom line is: James Allen superb reputation, their unique solution to the problem of viewing each diamond online and their excellent ratings – all of these lead me to recommend James Allen Diamonds as a favorite diamonds online vendor.

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