VS2 clarity diamonds guide

VS2 Clarity diamonds are considered a wise investment. Pricier diamonds with higher clarity grading have hardly any flaws, but a VS2 clarity diamond’s flaws are all but invisible to the eye. You can only see the flaws in them if you use a 10x jeweler’s loupe or similar magnifying aid.

Diamond Clarity: What Is It?

Diamond clarity, simply put, is the number, color, and quality of inclusions or flaws in a diamond. Clarity is graded by gemological labs, such as the GIA, AGS, EGL and more. The GIA and AGS is a recognized and highly-esteemed gemological laboratories. The GIA method of clarity grading is the most commonly used today, even among other gemological laboratories (EGL, IGI and more).

GIA grade diamonds by 11 different clarity grades, which include FL (flawless) to I3 (commercially included). A certified flawless diamond is very hard to come by, and usually is very expensive.

GIA-Certified VS2 Clarity

The GIA classifies a diamond as being of VS2 clarity when it exhibits one defining characteristic: flaws that are not easily visible, at least not without the use of a 10X magnifying aid.

Why Choose A GIA-Certified VS2 Clarity Diamond?

The clarity grading GIA awards diamonds is accurate and consistent. A GIA-certified VS2 Clarity diamond exhibits no visible inclusions, making it a perfect choice for shoppers that consider price as a high priority, but do not want to sacrifice quality.

Another major gemological lab that gives its own diamond clarity grading is the AGS. Although the AGS and GIA both give clarity grading, the way they grade clarity is different. If you find yourself about to purchase a diamond that has a clarity grading from a gemological lab other than the GIA or AGS, make sure that you inspect the diamond carefully for visible flaws, as other gemological laboratories may give a higher clarity grading than the diamond would have been given by the GIA or AGS.

A good-quality GIA-certified VS2 clarity diamond will have flaws, but flaws that are not visible to the naked eye. Even a professional who deals in precious stones will not be able to detect any visible flaws in a VS2 clarity diamond without using a magnifying loupe.

Helpful Things To Know When Buying Vs2 Clarity Diamonds

It always serves to be careful when buying a VS2 clarity diamond. Make sure that you ask the manager of the store or the salesperson if you could use one of their magnifying tools to view the diamond up close to check for visible flaws.

A better alternative to buying VS2 clarity diamonds from a physical store is buying them online. Make sure you only purchase diamonds from reputable websites that allow you to view magnified pictures of the diamonds they sell. Viewing at least 20x magnified pictures of the diamonds will help you check for flaws or inclusions and may help you with your purchase decisions. One such website is James Allen. On the James Allen website, you are allowed to view 40x photos of the diamonds they have for sale.