A day trip in israel – lifetime opportunity A huge number of people have been looking quality information about private tours to Israel in these days. People, who have enjoyed guided tours to Israel, are of the opinion that it is not an opportunity to be missed and their descriptions about visiting great destinations like […]

SI1 Clarity diamond

SI1 Clarity diamond may be the diamond for you if looking for an outstanding diamond at a fair price. Becoming more knowledgeable on the pros and cons of purchasing an SI1 clarity diamond, and knowing additional facts about SI1 clarity diamonds as a whole, will assist you in your quest for the ideal diamond. Diamond […]

important basics of diamonds clarity:

Diamond clarity is used to illustrate the in-existence or existence of flaws that are internal or the external part of a diamond. It is rare to find a perfect stone that possesses perfect clarity or clearness and most of the flaws that exist in jewelry grade diamonds cannot be seen without bare eyes, but by […]