Diamonds: The 4 C’s

The 4 C’s of diamonds represent the four aspects that determine how a diamond looks like.

  1. The Carat weight will tell what the size of the diamond is.
  2. The Clarity will tell how “clean” will be the diamond from inclusions.
  3. The Color will tell what is the color of the diamond – white, light yellow or fancy (red, blue, canary yellow etc’)
  4. The Cut will determine the quality of the cut of a diamond and its shape.

Diamonds: the 4 cs

Once understanding the 4 C’s of diamonds you will be able to:
• Determine what type of diamond you would like to buy.
• Decide on your diamond purchasing budget.

I would advice every potential buyer, once educated enough about diamonds, to set a 4 C’s priority list before starting the buying process.
A priority list will assist you in buying the right diamond and will make the search process much more pleasant.