SI1 Clarity rating and advantages

SI1 clarity diamonds are the perfect diamonds for customers whom value clear looking diamonds as they are understand that SI1 diamonds are not the highest clarity grade. Their flaws are commonly not seen by the human eye and their price point is immense that it is allowing either finding better priced diamond or choosing a nicer cut, color or weight than higher clarity grading.

Clarity Grading:
Diamond clarity defines the smoothness of a diamond as most of the jewelers claim that it can be the most important factor and characteristic of a diamond as it is the simplest thing to grasp. In fact that it is not the most important of them all. This is just the quickest solution to illustrate the quality of the diamond as it is that easy to be revealed.
If a diamond has higher clarity grade, the more valuable it will be in the market. Additionally, inclusions in diamonds are like human fingerprints that can also be useful.

SI1 Clarity definition:
The clarity of a diamond is associated with the existence blemishes and inclusions that can be some imperfections or just another diamond crystal that can unclear or whitish in appearance. SI1 clarity diamonds have inclusions inside which can hardly be seen by looking at in with the naked eye, the inclusions and blemishes can be easily spotted through a 10x magnifying loupe. SI1 diamonds can be the most excellent choice with regards to clarity and a buyer should look at it under a magnifying loupe before before buying one and inspect it properly.

Advantages of SI1:
• Possess almost invisible flaws. Flaws are almost invisible when looking at the diamond.
• Price point. SI1 clarity diamonds offer a convenient price point.
• Achieves more attributes. These diamonds has the ability to achieve other qualities like color, cut and weight that.
SI1 clarity diamonds are not as clarity branded as the VS clarity but they provide great solution regarding your budget.